April 25, 2024

Transfers of the summer

The transfer window is now closed and the transfer market has come to an end. The main transfers of the season were the acquisitions of Lukaku, De Gea, and Bale. The latter two were the main stars of the Premier League and the Champions League.
The transfers of summer were successful, but the club needs to strengthen the positions of the main positions. The following positions need to be strengthened:
1. Goalkeeper. The club has several good options for the position, but it is very important to choose the right one. The first choice is the goalkeeper of Manchester United, but he is not the best choice. The second choice is a young goalkeeper, but his experience is very limited. The third choice is another young goalkeeper who has already played in the Premier league and in the Champions league. The fourth choice is an experienced goalkeeper, who has played in several European cups. The fifth choice is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is a good choice. However, the club has to pay attention to the cost of the player, because he is a very expensive player.
2. Midfielders. The transfer of the club’s main star, De Bruyne, was a success. However the club also needs to improve the position of the other positions.
3. Defensive players. The team needs to make a good selection of players in the defensive line. The positions of Lukac, Rashford, and Pogba are not very good.
4. The goalkeeper position. The position of De Geay is not very strong. The other positions need strengthening.
5. The attacking players.
It is very difficult to choose a good player for each position. However it is possible to choose players who will be able to help the team in the next season.

The main transfer of summer was the acquisition of Lukas. The player has a contract with the club for 3 years. The new season will be very interesting for the club, because the main star of the team, Deeney, has a serious injury. The situation in the team is very serious, because it is not possible to count on the results.
In the summer, the team also received a lot of new players, but they are not the main players of the squad. The transfers of this season were successful. However there is still a long way to go before the club will be in the best shape.
Main transfers of football season
The football season has already ended, and the main transfer deals were made. The most important transfers of a successful season are:
* Lukas
* Deene
* Pogba
* Rashford
* Sissoko
* Ibrahimovic
* Dembele
* Modric
* Bale
* Firmino
* Cavani
* Diogo Jota
* Ndombele
* Gedson Fernandes
* Silva
* Alcacer
* Icardi
* Koke
* Fabianski
* Vela
* Mkhitaryan
* Lewandowski
* Alaba
* Giroud
* Higuaín
* Sterling
* Mane
* Sanchez
* Aubameyang
* Eriksen
* Lozano
* Bernat
* Lichtsteiner
* Schurrle
The summer transfer window has come and the club is busy in the transfer campaign. The players have to choose their partners and partners. The clubs are trying to find a good balance between the positions. However this is not always possible. The teams need to choose partners who will fit into the team and who will help the club in the future.
All the main transfers
The season has come, and many transfers have been made. However they are still not the most important ones. The list of the most significant transfers is as follows:
· Lukas, who joined the club from Chelsea;
·2 Deene, who signed a contract for 3-year term;
3 Pogba, who was bought by the club;
4 Rashford;
5 Sissokho, who came from Monaco;
6 Ibrahimovic;
7 Dembe;
8 Modric;
9 Bale;
10 Cavani;
11 Diogo;
12 Ndom;
13 Gedsson;
14 Silva;
15 Alcacer;
16 Icarder;
17 Koke;
18 Lewandowski;
19 Aubamey;
20 Eriksens;
21 Lozana;
22 Bernat;
23 Lichtsteins;
24 Schurre;
25 Solliede;
26 Sillero;
27 Sennion;
28 Sibanda.
This list of transfers is not complete, because there are many more transfers that need to take place. The season has ended, but there is a lot to do in the near future. The next season will not be easy for the team. It is very necessary to strengthen positions, because this will help to achieve the desired result.

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