July 23, 2024

Why was Messi named the player of the year?

The Argentine has been the best player in the world for several years now. He has won the Ballon D’Or, the Champions League, the World Cup and the Super Cup.
In the last season, Messi was the best scorer of the tournament. He scored 8 goals, which is more than Cristiano Ronaldo.
The most important thing is that Messi is the best in the entire world. He is the only player who has won all the major trophies in the same season.

In addition, Messi has the best individual skills. He can score from any distance, and he can also pass the ball to the teammates.
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Messi’s best football moments
In order to understand the greatness of the Argentine, it is important to understand his best football matches.
1. La Liga final
In summer, the Spanish La Liga faced a difficult match against the Catalan Barcelona. The Catalans were the main contenders for the title. However, the team of Ernesto Valverde was very close to Barcelona.
Messi scored a goal in the 89th minute, which gave the Catalans the victory. This goal was the most important for the team.
2. Champions League final
The second Champions League finals were held. The final match was very tense. The match was held in the stadium of Manchester United.
Manchester United had a very good start. The team won the first match. However the team was not able to win the second match.
However, the match ended with a score of 2:0.
3. Champions Cup final
After the Champions Cup, the English Premier League faced the Champions of Spain, Real Madrid. The first match of the season was very successful for the Royal Club.
Real won the match with a goal difference of -2. However in the second game, the Royal club was defeated with a result of 1:2.
4. Europa League final
The Europa League was held. It was a very tense match. The winner of the match was the Royal team of Monaco.
After this match, the Monaco team became the champion. This is the first time that the Royal family has won a champion title.
5. Europa Cup final “The Champions League” was held, too. The tournament was won by the Royal Team of Manchester City.
This is the second time that Manchester City won the Champions league.
6. Europa Super Cup final “Real Madrid”
The UEFA Europa League finals are held. This time, the final match of this tournament was held between the Royal Madrid team and the Royal Barcelona team. The Royal Barcelona won with a 2:1 score.
7. FIFA Club World Cup final match
In August, the FIFA ClubWorld Cup finals were played. The game ended with the victory of the Royal Manchester United team. This was the first victory of a team from Manchester United in the Club World cup.
8. Copa America final
This summer, there was a Copa América. The Copa is the most prestigious club tournament of the Americas.
For the first round, the tournament was played between the teams of Argentina and Chile. The teams were very close, but in the end, the Chilean team won with the score of 3:1.
9. World Cup 2018
The World Cup is held every four years. The last tournament was in Russia.
It was a tough tournament, because the teams were playing against each other for the last time. The most important fact was that the teams had not played for the World title for several seasons.
10. FIFA Confederations Cup
The Confederations cup is held once every fouryears. This tournament is the main tournament of football in the Americas and Africa.
There were many confrontations in the tournament, and the final game was very important. The Argentine team won against the Brazilian team. It is the third victory of Brazil in the Confederationscup.
11. FIFA Women’s World Cup
This year, the women’s football tournament will be held.
Among the best teams of the World, the best are the Netherlands and England. The Dutch team has won this tournament for the first three times.
12. UEFA Champions League
The Champions league is held, which has many confrontings. The best teams are:
• Real Madrid;
• Liverpool;
· Manchester City;
and the Spanish Barcelona.
There are also some teams that are not so successful, but they are the main favorites of the competition.
13. FIFA World Cup
This tournament is held in every four year. The winners of the previous tournament are:
• Brazil;
The Netherlands;
As for the winners of this year’s tournament, the main contender is the United States.
14. FIFA world club cups
The world club cup is a tournament of many confrontances. The main favorites are: the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Brazil, Argentina, and France.
15. FIFA international cups
In this tournament, there are confrontations with many teams. The favorites are the same as the world cup.

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